Billing your Way to Wealth—Part 1

Turning your bills into savings is not a new idea. Think about this, how much money do you spend per month? $5,000? $10,000? Most of it for most people goes to pay bills. Many of us have heard that if you could only put aside 10% or so you would accumulate of lot, however how many people can really do this? If you knew you had a few thousand sitting someplace would you have the discipline not to use them to pay down bills?

Have you noticed how much we stress over bills to pay? We would do the impossible to pay a bill. Borrow, spend less, economize at the market, you name it. If only creditors knew some of the efforts their clients make to pay them. When all your bills are paid that gives a sensation of security, short-lived though since the cycle is going to start anew within a couple of weeks.

This applies to everyone, rich or poor. On the poorer side of the scale the pressures are much more intense, on the richer side of the spectrum it’s the same story but with bigger numbers.

What if your prosperity was “billed” to you every month and you “had” to pay it like any other bill? Except that instead of all your money going down the drain and paying other people’s bills you would also start accumulating? You would be “forced” to save. The result at the end of the month would be exactly the same –you’ll probably end up penniless or with something for pocket money. However, you’ll now be creating a financial future. If you could just keep it up for a few years, which you are doomed to do anyhow since you WILL survive one way or the other, you would have “no option” but to become wealthier, even if you changed NOTHING.

If you don’t have a lot of resources at the moment, this might make sense. If you do have a lot of resources you might think this does not apply to you. I invite you however to ponder this concept and ask yourself how much have you accumulated. It’s hard, no matter how much money you have. Especially if you are able to produce a good income THE MORE REASON you should do what I am proposing here, since you have the BEST chances of keeping your prosperity for the future.

The BIG obstacle IS “how to do it”. If you have to rely on self-discipline alone, I would say that being the world what it is with all the daily numerous financial demands, chances of success would be very minimal. It is not so much that this is a good idea or not, like the 10% set aside idea, it’s a matter of implementation.

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