Cash is King

We are now in journalistic heaven! Newspapers and newscasters are in ecstasy relaying the juicy bad news about the economy. In addition, rare in their profession, they happen to be right and the need for “accommodating the facts” is nearly not needed. However, though right, the whole picture is not being conveyed.

While the government and Congress are busy debating who is the next bankers’ pal to receive free tax dollars, meaning of course “a necessary bailout for the good of the country, the economy and the people”, this is one of the greatest moments in time to make some money.

Cash is king. Even a little cash, couple of thousands, are KING! This is a time for savers to be vindicated! I am not only talking about people that have hundreds of thousands in savings but also about those who have much less in savings.

Did you know that Henry Ford was a lowly machinist working on a shop floor? Did you know that he did not have money to promote his invention but a few friends with modest savings provided the initial capital? Did you know that John D. Rockefeller was an ordinary bookkeeper at $40/month? He borrowed the capital he needed to start the oil business which at that time was not even considered a business. There are many many more examples of immense fortunes built up with just a few hundred dollars in savings, Van Husen (the shirt manufacturer), Woolworths (the now defunct huge international department stores), etc…

If you have any money in savings, whether a couple of thousands or a lot more, this is your time to increase your reserves substantially.

The stock market is dead and will be for a long time to come, banks are getting money from Congress, yet not making any loans, quite the reverse, reducing the amount of loans and paying you almost nothing for your deposits. While their propaganda has convinced us that they are “safe” just a cursory examination of the news tells us that nothing can be further from the truth. The FDIC “guarantee” is really being paid by you and me.

Believe it or not, the people that are really using money wisely are not the big corporations nor the banks but the vilified and underrepresented private entrepreneur. Today more than ever there are private entrepreneurs with years of experience, impeccable track records and credit reports, with sound real money making enterprises (even in this economic environment) who are starving for cash because banks and financial institutions are hoarding our tax dollars.

Instead of throwing your money to a faceless corporation where you have no control of any kind and getting peanuts in return, why not meet face to face with a dynamic entrepreneur, see exactly where your money is going and have a say on how and when it is spent? and get a fair return?

Savers who associate themselves with these types of entrepreneurs get unbelievable returns. What about the risk? My question to you is this: when you know exactly what is being done with your money, are you able to appreciate the risks?
When you have no clue about how your money is used and you don’t even know who is the person that is controlling your money can you really assess a risk factor?

It is an unbelievable feat of publicity and propaganda that we have come to believe that is safer to throw our money to a nobody while risky to trust it to someone we know.

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