How Safe Is Your Money?

Washington Mutual, IndyMac Bank, CountryWide, World Savings, Wachovia, Bear & Stearns, have all gone bust, bought at the last minute to avert disaster or overtook by the government. Today depositors are more concerned about the return of their money rather than the return on their money.

This has happened before as in 1929, 1913, 1880, 1865, 1820, 1777 and we go down the track all the way down to Emperor Nero about year 50 AD, the first monarch in modern history known to debase his currency by diluting gold coins with other cheap metals so he would have “more money” for his expenditures. This chronology does not take into consideration lesser crisis such as the one of the 1990s, the early 1970s and so on.

Excessive production of the medium of exchange called money has brought about these conditions. It doesn’t matter if it is printed paper or solid gold or silver. Witness the richest and most powerful empire in the World, the Spanish Empire from 1497 up to the late 1600s, they flooded Europe with so much gold and silver that inflation was rampant. However for all their impressive amounts of capital, all of it was spent in wars and war materiel to such an extent that the country was bankrupted most of the time albeit having the most gold and silver that the World has ever seen, even by today’s standards.

Did you know that right now, as you read this, our country is spending billions and billions of dollars militarizing outer space? Do a search on the Internet, visit According to their major physicists these programs do not work. Do you know how much money the failed wars in Iraq, Afghanistan are costing? Even if these wars did not exist, the US Military spends more than all world countries combined. Add the failed wars, add the failed space programs and pretty much we are down rubbing elbows with Emperor Nero and Philip II of Spain.

Yesterday I was listening to the vice presidential debate between Alaska Governor Palin and her opponent Senator Bidden. Very interesting and amusing. Every single issue they brought about could be easily solved and we would all have money to spare if we would stop following the route of Nero and Phillip the Second.

And now the ironic part of this. Sometimes we feel that these issues are too much for us to do anything about it. You know what the joke is? We ARE ALL footing THE COMPLETE bill for these irresponsible paranoid corrupt politicians and arms dealers. (who of course are never mentioned on the news or the so-called “debates”)

Where does all this money come from? It’s not from taxes. Taxes are not enough. This money is printed, like in the 1500s, or the time of the Roman Empire, the ONLY barrier against total inflation is YOU. Your daily work and production are what are sustaining, as it always did through the ages, this complete craziness. By your work you are giving value to the currency. It’s not the gold, the silver, the paper, etc… it’s you waking up early every day and going to work and producing.

Therefore if you are going to have to pay for it all anyway, why not do something about it?

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