The Swiss Bank Account

Have you ever heard of the Swiss Bank Account? Maybe you read about this, maybe a friend or acquaintance has mentioned it to you or perhaps it has been the subject of a James Bond movie. As exotic as it may sound, a lot of people have Swiss Accounts. My Dad, Brother and Grandfather used to have one. Why would anyone have a Swiss Account? That is to say a bank account in Switzerland?

The answer is because your money is completely protected. It is protected from the government, protected from creditors, family members, and tax authorities. As well, your identity is protected and not disclosed to any party without your consent. This is a concept hard to understand when you think that your regular US bank account can be levied, impounded, seized, frozen, anyone can call your bank and verify whether or not you have funds to pay a check, any judge can garnish it, etc… just the other day I was at the bank and a lady was trying to deposit a Treasury check, deposit, not withdraw, and the teller was refusing to accept the transaction.

Well, abroad, in other countries, the concept of complete banking confidentiality is a standard practice, confidentiality is the norm not the exception. But why Switzerland? Switzerland is not part of the European Community, although in Europe it enjoys a truly independent status. For many decades, if not centuries, Switzerland has been a neutral country and has a strong banking Industry that has been built precisely on the tenets of confidentiality for its depositors.

To open one of these accounts, specially if you want the type called a “numbered account”, where your identity is represented by a set of numbers, you usually need about $30,000 dollars and your passport, possibly a trip to Switzerland.

Now, according to the US Tax Code, you need to disclose any foreign accounts, any income received Worldwide, and pay taxes for any income, from any source, Worldwide.

Therefore, even if you had a Swiss Account, you would still have to tell the government.

Now, what if you could open one at home, not from a Swiss Bank but from a US Financial Institution? What if you could tell the government you had it, where you had it (and therefore comply with the law), but still they couldn’t do anything about it? What if you could have this account, and although anyone could know about it, no one could access it? In this fashion your savings would be protected from your creditors, the government, and anyone else? What if you did not need $30,000 to open it, but just a couple of hundreds?

On top of the protection that this account affords you, and the fact that you can be open about it, what if this account paid you a rate of return on your money of 8% or thereabouts? And what if that earned interest was tax-free FOREVER! Not just tax-deferred, but tax-free?

This means your money will double every 9 years, DOUBLE tax-free! On top of that, what if something happened to you, this financial institution would give your family or beneficiary all of it plus hundreds of thousands more?

What if this US financial Institution was more sound than a bank? what if your money were safer by a ratio of 9 to 1 compared to a bank? In other words nine times safer than at the bank?

Is this legal? Yes, you bet it is. It beats the old Swiss Account by far!

Write me and I will disclose the secret to you. When you find out how you can do this you will laugh, why? Because it has been under your nose ever since you were born. Because if you ever heard about it, possibly you dismissed it as something unimportant, tedious, boring, expensive, not needed and certainly not for you. However, this is the golden pot that lies at the end of the rainbow, it can be yours and it can save your financial future and retirement.

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