How to Profit Today from Your IRA

A very dear business colleague & friend told me he was going to liquidate his IRA in order to buy Gold coins. He told me that he was getting less than 1% return on investment and he needed to do something.

You can actually use, in present time, not in years or decades to come, your IRA savings. If you are at least 59 ½ years of age, you can ALSO withdraw some of the funds and use them in your day to day living or business needs. Your IRA DOES NOT need to be at the mercy of the market, in other words, your IRA can be INDEPENDENT of the stock & bond market.

These are some of the things you can do with your IRA:

• Invest in Precious Metals.
• Buy Foreign Currency.
• Use as down payment (or outright purchase) of a property.
• Lend the funds to a friend or company.
• Buy Stock or Bonds.
• Put in a money market account.
• Buy a CD. (certificate of deposit)
• Use the funds to buy a business.
• Invest in a joint venture.
• Start a business.
• Buy Foreign Real Estate.
• Earn High Interest Rates on Notes.
• Rental Properties, Land, Commercial & much more.

IRAs come in many forms such as: 401k if your employer is helping and/or deducting some of your paycheck, Roth IRA if you have elected to pay taxes and then put the money in the IRA or simply IRA (Individual Retirement Account).

If you have an IRA, are you looking into it? Some of my clients don’t pay much attention to their IRAs because they believe they don’t have enough money in it and/or there is not much they can do with it or they think it would take many years before anything happens and/or it is too complicated to even think about it.

IRAs are in fact SIMPLE, the rules are not that complicated, all you have to do is follow some simple protocols.

Most people have their IRAs at a brokerage house, this means a market broker such as: Dean Witters, Morgan Stanley and many banks also hold IRAs, however the bank is being the broker. If your IRA is held by any of these institutions, they will not allow you to use your IRA except to buy their products; this is why most likely you have never heard this information.

This is good news for business people and for your savings. You can use your savings as a source of funding, banks are not lending except to purchase homes, and you can get out of the unpredictable ups & downs of the market.

In this cash strapped economy, IRAs are a hidden source of wealth, more so than before!

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