Selling a Luxury Home

When selling a luxury home, the aesthetics and of the promotional materials and the suitable promotion of the home to targeted potential buyers is even more important than when selling a regular home.

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We work with professional photographers and videographers to produce top-quality, sophisticated promotional materials that will make a memorable first impression. All homes priced at 1.5 million dollars or above receive a full-production video presentation that features all the important highlights of the property.

Our research analysts evaluate the property beforehand to see how it compares to other properties in the neighborhood, so that we can accurately determine not only the value of the property, but also what will make the home appealing to potential buyers.

After aesthetic and effective promotional materials have been put together, it is important to appropriately promote the property to targeted buyers. The higher the price of the home, the smaller the pool of buyers who are actually able to afford the property.



Our Promotional Strategy

Our promotional strategy for luxury home sales includes:

  • Frequent open houses—we have found that open houses are a key avenue for affluent buyers to view the home. Unless the seller does not wish to make their home available for open houses, we will stage frequent open houses of the property, so that potential buyers have ample opportunity to stop by and express interest in the home.
  • Gorgeous photography and video—our promotional materials will include beautiful aerial photography, as well external and internal photography of the house, and a full presentation video of the house including aerial footage, showing how the house is located and presenting the property from all its best angles.
  • Promotional avenues—promotional avenues we employ in the marketing of luxury homes include ads in the LA Times, advertising as a Featured Listing on Zillow, Facebook ads, and listing on international luxury real estate websites such as to reach Chinese and other foreign audiences.