Selling Your Home

The way in which you sell your home can have a big impact on your future financial success. Sales that drag out too long can depress the value of your house and put a stop on being able to use the funds for new purposes. At the same time, you do want to get the best price for your home in the current market.

We will help you sell your home in a smooth and efficient manner that gets the best value for your property in the current market.

Our Efficient Selling Process

In order to make selling your house as smooth, efficient and and painless as possible, we have a streamlined selling process. We have found that there are a few things that are really key in selling a house, and we make sure these things are in order.

Before putting your house on the market, our team analyzes your property in detail to see how it weighs up against other properties in your neighborhood, and what is the current state and trend of the market in your area. This enables us to set an accurate price for your house.

Next, we prepare suitable promotional materials that highlight the property’s best features. This includes professional photos (and in many cases, video) inside and outside the house.

We then make sure you that the property gets ample exposure so that it attracts suitable buyers. We pursue many different avenues as needed, and we simply do not give up until your house is sold.

Exquisite photos

Cuesta Linda House
Cuesta Linda Garden
Cuesta Linda Bathroom
Cuest Linda Dining
Ojai, Main
Ojai, Front
Ojai, Stairs
Ojai Chimney
Kowana, Main
Kowana Building
Kowana, Green Field
Kowana, Living Room
Kowana, Kitchen
Kowana, Dining Room
Kowana Valley, Field
Burbank, Villa
Burbank, Living Room
Burbank, Kitchen
Burbank, Bedroom
Venice, Vernon Bathroom
Venice, Vernon Kitchen
Venice Front Bedroom
Venice, Vernon Front Door
Venice, Vernon Avenue Front

When buyers look for a house in places like Zillow or when they see a house advertised, eye-catching visuals are very important as they attract the necessary attention and provide a memorable first impression.

We work with top real estate photographers who create stunning photos that we use in promoting your listing on Zillow,, Trulia and in agent-only real estate databases, as well as in other types of advertising.

For homes expected 1.5 million and above, we also create a full-production video with our agents presenting the house and all its noteworthy features in style.

These visuals go a long way in creating a long-lasting impression with buyers.

We produce high-quality promotional videos for all homes priced at 1.5 million dollars or above.

Correct pricing

Accurate pricing of the house from the first moment is crucial to get the best value. At first glance, it might seem best to offer the property at the highest possible price, but this usually results in disappointment and can actually depress the perceived value of the house over time.

When a property is listed for sale on databases and websites for too many weeks or months without being sold, agents and potential buyers start to get the idea that there is something “wrong” with the property. Even when a price reduction is later made, the stigma of “on Zillow for 188 days” continues, and this may result in reduced interest in the house. Especially in a downtrending market, this can really work against sellers’ best interest.

Our real estate analysts do a detailed job of determining the value of the house, and our agents will let you know what is realistic prior to signing a contract with us to represent you in the sale of your home. Our detailed analysis will include looking at uptrending our downtrending markets, the specific neighborhood that you are in, the specific features of your house and how it compares to other homes around you that are realistically similar.

Setting an accurate price for a property right from the very start sets you up for a smooth transaction with the maximum extraction of value, fastest turnaround time and minimum stress.


Promotional exposure

After we set the correct price and prepare eye-catching materials to promote your property, we make sure gets the exposure it needs to get sold.

The different ways in which we promote properties may include:

  • Street sign
  • Printed one sheet with all information about the property on a single page
  • Well-designed multi-page digital brochure
  • Professionally shot, beautiful aerial photos
  • Professionally shot, aesthetic photos of the inside of the property
  • Property website that also looks good on mobile
  • Professionally produced presentation video that shows off the home’s features
  • Email marketing to targeted lists
  • Social media promotion
  • Promotion to our own network of potential buyers
  • Access to the two major off-market platforms
  • Your listing will appear on the three major nationwide real estate platforms: Zillow, Trulia and
  • Your listing will be accessible to 20,000 agents in the Greater Los Angeles area
  • Ads in the LA Times
  • Listing on the Chinese luxury property website


Skillful negotiation

Our agents are highly experienced in the negotiation and due diligence stages of residential real estate transactions and have completed over 140 million dollars in successful transactions.

We will do whatever is necessary to get your property sold as quickly, efficiently and painlessly as possible.

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